The European Association of abnormal road transport and mobile cranes (ESTA) is the unique European arm for trade Associations, representing mobile cranes and access platform, rental companies and abnormal road transport companies.

We are presenting ESTA main goals and achievement through this website.

ESTA primary objective is European harmonisation of rules and regulations for crane companies and hauliers, to represent our job activity in Europe and build our future. For that purpose ESTA:

  • is the number one European representative of abnormal road transport companies and mobile crane rental companies
  • strives, together with the manufacturers, towards a continuous improvement of equipment to create a safer working environment
  • wants to harmonise equipment travel rules, general conditions of work and reduce permit delays throughout Europe
  • maintains an inter-European network for national Associations, companies and manufacturers
  • strives towards a continuous improvement of the image of the sector
  • wants to enhance the quality provided to our clients and promote a safer way of working
  • exchanges information between the ESTA members, allowing them to work together all over Europe.

The ESTA Association that was founded in 1976 has established very close ties to the manufacturers supplying our industries with equipment, allowing ESTA members to voice ideas on future developments and discuss technical issues in various fora.

ESTA General Board members explaining ESTA's primary Objectives:

Mr. David Collett [ESTA President]
Mr. Hendrik Sarens [ESTA Treasurer]
Mr. Søren Jansen [ESTA Director]